Friday, February 25, 2011

Core tutorial with Ann Hulland

I had my first core tutorial for this semester yesterday and it really made an impact on me.

Ann pointed out to me that doing everything at once keeps me from going deeper into anything. I know it sounds like such an obvious thing, but when you're as easily distracted, whimsical and restless as me doing everything at once does superficially seem like the perfect solution. It's just that, it keeps it superficial.

But shaving it down to just doing one thing, does sort of terrify me. I feel like protesting as I did. "It's not my way!" Oh so childish, I know. the truth is, I'm not at uni to play around and amuse myself, I'm here to do a job, a job I'm paying for myself. And it is a job that I'd ideally would like to see pay it self off after I'm done. And jobs are strenuous and challenging and sometimes boring and repetitive. It's through standing these things and persevering that great things happen. It's through those things that art become something of substance and not just something any whimsical kid could have played out on the paper one afternoon.

So maybe it is time to get serious.

And yeah, I really want to play with the router bits and the drill, hell yeah.

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