Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Smalish print tutorial with Phil

Since The yellow apron workshop clashes with the print workshop and I was really eager to try something with print I signed up for a half hour with Phil at the prints today.
Just being in the workshop made me realise how little I know about the process. I mean, I just have a loose idea of what I want out of the end product, but to get there might be more complex than I though it would be. Not to worry though, I like complex things.

Phil showed me around and we mostly talked about the first step, namely choosing printing surface and how to cut it. For the small scale thing I'm thinking of first, the wolf head, I figured linoleum or wood would be best. I don't know why I thought wood would be the simplest process, I guess I thought of it as the most primitive material, but as it is, is it also the hardest and contains more texture than the other.

I was lucky enough to get a smalish piece of linoleum for free to experiment with. So now I'm going to play around with the wolf head and ankh design and see what I end up with before I go back and start cutting.

Sadly the cutting material is a bit scarce because some inconsiderate people borrow without returning. I might have to buy my own in time if this really turn out to be something I'd do more of and I have a feeling it is. The opportunity to mass produce a simple design and then tweak and individualise it really appeals to me as I'd really like to create affordable pieces for people like myself. I mean, even if you're relatively poor and maybe especially then it would be nice to get something unique at a decent price. And I don't particularly like rich people in the first place. Plus, I have to eat and live, and have reasonable work hours.

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